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Feb 20

Simply Scandalous

By Joy Perugini | Mindset Mania

Newspapers & Magnifying glassI upped my game the other night, and I did it fully on purpose and with intent. I decided to work from a place of pure authenticity, so I could begin to decipher who constitutes my target market, who my real peeps are … who truly makes up this awesome tribe known as the JoyFit Nation.

It all started with the need to market my upcoming detox (more on that later) and turned into me having to “unfriend” someone on social media for the first time ever (legit).

I had jokingly said to my boyfriend and two of my closest friends, “We’re gonna see if sex sells!” Not realizing that someone was actually about to take things to that level. Now, before I go on, let me point out that the comment was made in a post on my PERSONAL social media account … not even my JoyFit Nation account, and most definitely not the account of my brick and mortar boutique fitness studio (this will come into play later). And the text of the post was pretty benign, simply providing information on the program I was promoting, save the lead line of, “Wanna be SLEEK & SEXY for SPRING?!?!” I know, I know … totally pushing boundaries, right? Ha! Not so much, BUT then there is the matter of the image I chose to accompany the text … and herein lies the scandal!

By the way, I should mention that the picture in question was purchased by none other than yours truly through an online database where you can buy royalty-free images for marketing purposes, so we’re not talking porn here … we’re talking art. And not only is the image itself artistic in nature and the photographer an artist in their own right, but the bodies of the people in the image are serious works of art in and of themselves … do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get a body to look like that?!

I’m going to post the image here again, because I don’t regret my original posting of it one little bit. In fact, I think the image is HOT, not to mention, completely HARMLESS, and even my seventy-four year old, churchgoing mother agrees (well, with the harmless part at least). When I showed her the picture (with no background info, mind you) and asked her if she found it offensive, she said (and I quote), “No … you’d see worse on TV or in a fashion magazine,” and then specifically pointed out Vogue as an example.

Even though I am a grown woman, yes, my mother’s opinion still very much matters to me and any self-doubt that may have been festering at that point was squashed (thanks, Mom)! Now, she went on to mention that, although the image doesn’t bother her, the strong language that I tend to use in my JoyFit Nation blogging and emails does. To that effect, I gently informed her that she is not my target audience. I explained that my job here is to be nothing more than my beautifully authentic self, and I’m not going to sensor my words, or filter my message to the world in any way, shape or form, because it just wouldn’t work. It would come across as fake, and you can refer to me as MANY things and get away with it, but fake I will NOT accept. This is me. Raw, real, and unequivocally Joy.  What you see, hear and read from me, “is what it is,” so if you don’t like it, just stop reading right now. Stop following me. Stop listening to me. I won’t get offended … I promise! I’m in the process of building my tribe of awesomeness, and it is TOTALLY okay if you’re not in it. What it really comes down to is this …

You’re either for us or against us … and, as my Big Sis likes to say, “Either way, we’re okay!”

Now, back to my scandal. Oh! The pic! I almost forgot! Here ya go …

Boy and girl hug one another

Simply scandalous ;) So what happened within minutes of this image hitting the newsfeeds of all my friends and followers? Well, lots of “likes” and shares for one, and then one little “not-so-nice” comment. Please keep in mind this was CLEARLY a marketing post for my business … if someone really had that much of an issue with it, or with me posting it, they could have reached out to me outside of my marketing efforts, ya know? And, by the way, this is actually the SECOND time this SAME person made a rude comment on a marketing post for my business in less than a month. And stranger still, this person has known me for years, and I have never treated them with anything less than love and respect online and off.

I don’t know about you, but my mother taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to look at it. And more so, you certainly don’t have to take the time out to make commentary on it while it sits on your screen for even longer than necessary (considering how offensive it obviously is to you), or maybe you really secretly like it and just won’t admit it to yourself. Either way, just hide me from your newsfeed … or “unfriend” me if you feel it’s necessary. But DO NOT disrespect me, my family, friends or businesses and think that I will sit idly by and take it. And yes, this person specifically called me out and named my brick and mortar business with their rude comment, saying something along the lines of questioning if this was the image my studio now projects (I honestly don’t remember exactly what the comment was, because I quickly deleted it and then quickly deleted them). At any rate, they obviously didn’t even bother to READ anything in the post, or they would have seen it was marketing a JoyFit Nation program, and not one of my studio’s offerings.

Another gem my momma pointed out (and then another client that I’m close with later the next day seconded) is that it’s really about where the person is coming from. So true, right?! If you’re in a bad place, I can see how looking at some sexy, hot bodies might piss you off. It’s all about our own perception of whatever is out there and apparently, this person perceived my post as a threat. I have no idea why … it most certainly wasn’t my intention to harm anyone in any way, but it’s also Not. My. Problem. This isn’t about me. It’s not even about the image I chose to post. It’s about that person. It’s about where they are in their own head right now.  And funny, not funny, that the whole post was actually about a program to cleanse our lives from toxicity! It’s designed to clean up and clear out our body, mind, and spirit!

Well, I guess I started my cleansing process a few days earlier than planned, when I detoxed my Friends List!!! In case you’re interested, the real cleanse begins this coming Monday, 02/23 with Detox Divas (and Dudes!), so you only have a couple of days left to jump on board and get lean, mean and clean in time for spring! And I gotta tell ya … I feel lighter and brighter already ;)

Feb 16

Ready to Rock the Big FOUR-O!

By Joy Perugini | Mindset Mania

Celebrating Forty YearsLordy, lordy I just turned … 40?!

No. Seriously. When did … I mean … how did I … wait a minute … WHAT?!?! I remember having a conversation with my mom about four years ago. I mentioned how fast time was flying by … that it seemed the older you get, the faster it goes, and she said, “Wait ‘til you turn 70!”

So, really … what is this all about? And how in God’s name am I actually 40 years old, when I swear that things from my twenties feel like they just happened yesterday? I mean crystal clear memories of my college roommates in Charlotte, almost two years’ worth of basking in the sun on the pristine beaches of Maui, adopting my puggy puppy who is now 10 years old! I know it’s not just me. Everyone says it right? “Time flies when you’re having fun!” And for me it’s shown true … this life of mine is pretty freakin’ awesome and the days, weeks, months and years are passing by at the speed of light.

I’ve never really had much of an issue with birthdays actually. In fact, I usually look forward to them. I always tell everyone, “you’re as old as you think you are” when they make a negative comment about their age, and typically people think I’m much younger than I actually am, so it’s honestly never bothered me.

Until about two weeks before my fortieth birthday.

I’m best known for being a motivator. A leader. A teacher. A trainer. A coach. I’m pretty much as positive as positive gets, so I was a little shocked at myself for feeling “not-so-excited” about my approaching birthday. Now, in my defense, I’d had one hell of a couple of weeks. My dog fell suddenly ill (he’s much improved now, thank God), my work demands had been extraordinary to say the least, we had a literal blizzard and then another monster snowstorm a week apart in the Northeast, and I was fighting a cold to boot. I was fried. And even I’m allowed to be fried once in a while. On the actual day of the celebration of my birth, I was snowed in … unable to leave the house unless I had a snowmobile (I’m talking over a foot of snow and there was a state-wide driving ban anyway). Oh! And the groundhog saw his shadow (little fucker).

My birthday sucked. I mean honestly … the worse birthday on record. Would you like to know why? Because I was dreading it. I liked my thirties. In fact, I’m quite partial to threes in general, so it was a super fun decade for me, and I just didn’t want to see it go. I mean, don’t get me wrong. My thirties had their ups and downs (I mean some SERIOUSLY BIG ups and downs), but overall I wouldn’t change one day of them, because I wouldn’t be where I am right now. But I digress. The reason my birthday was an uber letdown, was because I was a pissy little miserable brat. My foul mood brought on a foul day. I almost forgot to mention that I broke my toe by walking face first into a wall that night too! Oh yeah. Walking and texting through the dark house, all in the name of “multitasking”… I was trying to do too much at once, and I was stopped dead in my tracks … I mean like literally was brought to my knees (I was lucky to have not knocked a tooth out)! I cried from the pain and started laughing at the same time, knowing I had brought it all on myself.

What you resist persist, and I was resisting forty with all my might. Well, it came anyway and the first twenty-four hours of it royally bit the big one. It was around 10:00 PM the night before my big day, that I realized forty was coming whether I liked it or not, so I might as well embrace it. Truth be known, turning forty is better than the alternative of “not” turning forty, right? Many people aren’t even afforded the privilege. So I had to shift my thinking. This diva needed to detox! Recognizing full well that I had brought all of this misery upon myself, I decided to quit the shit, dust off my smile and get back to being happy to be alive. Funny how quickly things started to turn around after that. My dog was home from the Pet E.R. and making his way back to his healthy, happy self, my toe began to heal and feel MUCH better within just a few days of being properly cared for, and although there was plenty of snow to shovel, I was able to see it in all of its beauty and look at the blanket of white as a clean slate with which to start off my forty-first year of life. Annnnnd since that mental shift, some amazing things have happened to me. Things to be happy about … things to give thanks for. I have an incredible life filled with many blessings, as do you. I just needed to clear my head of all the junk (the fear, the self-doubt, the inner-critic telling me what forty should look and feel like). I had to dump all of the negativity and make room for the positive to enter once again, and I did. I cleaned house, and I feel absolutely amazing having done so. I’m ready to rock the big FOUR-O like it’s nobody’s business ;)

If you’re ready to clear out some of the sludge from your life too, your timing couldn’t be more perfect! I’m launching a 21-day cleanse to detox in every aspect of your life. We’ll cover our diets, relationships, living and work spaces, finances, and any other areas of our lives that need cleaning up. During our three weeks together, we will follow a simple, realistic plan that will shift you … body, mind and spirit. Click here to learn more.