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Mar 29

Down the Rabbit Hole

By Joy Perugini | Mindset Mania

Look out, Alice! We’re not in Kansas anymore!

Or something like that ;)

We’ve all been there. And I don’t care who you are, how successful you’ve become, how much money you make, how seemingly “perfect” your life might look to those on the outside, I mean we’ve ALL been there, haven’t we? Falling down the rabbit hole of our ego mind, spinning and spiraling out of control, down and down and down we go, just waiting for impact.

When we allow it to, our ego mind can take us away on an endless journey of regret, worry, lethargy, anger and discouragement (and those are the least of the nasty fear-based thoughts and feelings that serve us no purpose)! It travels us deep into the recesses of our minds, our memories, to nowhere that we would ever choose to intentionally go, but “go” we do, time and time again.

That is, unless we take action. And I’m talking MASSIVE action like your life depended on it, because quite honestly, it does.

You are where you are right now, at this point in time, at this place in your life’s journey, because you have chosen it. Yes, ALL of it. And I know what you’re thinking right now, “But, Joy, I didn’t choose this illness (or this accident, or this bankruptcy, or to lose my job, or failed relationship after failed relationship, etc.)…”

But nothing.

I hate to have to be the one to break the news to you, my beautiful friend, but you actually did.





When you first hear this, it can hurt. And you may fight with it. And maybe you’ll even close your mind to the message I’m conveying to you, but you are reading these words right here, right now, for a reason… that much I can assure you. And when the time is right, you’ll receive them into your heart, and into your being.

And if you don’t come to realize that, whether consciously or unconsciously, you are in fact co-creating your life, and everything that comes into it, with the Universe at large through your EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT, WORD and ACTION, and if you don’t take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for it all, you will simply continue to walk through life with blinders on, unhappy or worse yet MISERABLE, blaming your circumstances on outside influences (e.g., other people, bad luck, even the alignment of the planets)!

You must take 100% responsibility for everything in your life, whether you like it or not. This is Universal Law, and there’s no escaping it. As sure as if you jump off of a building you’ll hit the ground fast and hard, courtesy of the Law of Gravity, the laws of The Universe are always in play, whether or not you acknowledge their existence. If you don’t learn to play the Game of Life by the “rules”?

Down the rabbit hole you go!

If we don’t become consciously aware of what’s happening, we’ll always be at the mercy of who we once were, never fully able to embrace all that we can, and are truly MEANT to be. That’s why it’s so immensely important that we keep ourselves in check, that we keep our thoughts positive, and our energy vibin’ HIGH!

Do your best to hold a happy thought, and more importantly the FEELING that comes along with it, for at least seventeen seconds at any given time throughout the day (yes, the magic begins at seventeen seconds). And just so you know, that can actually be a tall order… in less than seventeen seconds those negative vibes (e.g., limiting beliefs, worry, doubt, fear, etc.) can creep in! Sometimes, as soon as you tell yourself, “I am HAPPY! I am HEALTHY! I AM WELL!” your ego mind has already aimed and FIRED back, more than willing to help you “remember” that you’re not happy, not feeling healthy, and are most certainly not well.

It takes time to reprogram your thought process and start to see the results in your outside world, so don’t become discouraged (that’s just your ego popping up again anyway, right?!)… know that just by recognizing and becoming cognizant of what’s going on within, you are ON YOUR WAY… on your way out of the rabbit hole and into the life of your heart’s greatest desires!

I share this with you because I’m all too familiar with my own rabbit hole. I’ve traveled down it far too often already in this lifetime for my liking, and I’m bound to go back down it again (I’m only human). In fact, as enlightened as I may be, and as often as I’m able to help pull my clients, friends and loved ones out of their rabbit holes, I still need help getting out of mine from time to time. Remember, it’s a process, it’s a process, it’s a PROCESS, and practice makes PROGRESS, never, ever perfect (perfection is totally overrated and unachievable anyway)!

Yes, I still slide down my rabbit hole on occasion, but I’m happy to report that it’s fewer and farther between than ever before ;) And yes, sometimes I need a hand to get out of it, but that’s to be expected. It’s SO okay to need help… in fact, I wholeheartedly encourage you to ask for help in any time of need and often! Again, co-creation, remember?

Yes, you really are constantly co-creating with those around you on this little planet of ours, as well as with all of the powerful energies of The Universe. Choose to believe it, or choose to not… either way, the ball is still in play and you’re in the game, baby! If you don’t start paying attention, you’ll likely take ball after ball to the head as you continue your uncontrolled downward spiral down the rabbit hole, further and further away from the life you truly desire.

If you’d like some help getting out of your own rabbit hole, so that you can truly vibrating at an energy level of LOVE or ABOVE, click right here. And if you like my assistance at a higher level, just email, and I’ll provide you with the details of working with me as your personal coach.

Mar 22

On Being ME

By Joy Perugini | Mindset Mania

0018__Joy-fitI often get mistaken for a person who has no troubles… no concerns… no drama in my life.

I’m talking like some of my very closest, BEST friends in the whole wide world who have literally said to me at one point or another, “Joy, you don’t understand… you’re always in a good place!”



And my reply to these gross overestimations?

“You’re fucking kidding me, right??? How long have you known me?!”

Just because I CHOOSE to have a positive, uplifting, happy outlook… just because I CHOOSE to be as kind as humanly possible to everyone and everything around me (at least the majority of the time), most certainly does NOT mean I’m always at peace inside.

Again, I’m CHOOSING!

Every day, and in every way, I have to make the CHOICE to keep my chin up, or my crown slips, and I mean that quite literally… we ALL have our own crown to wear, and yes, some of us tuned-in people out there can actually SEE that crown atop your head! Call it what you like… your aura, your vibe, etc., it’s really all one and the same, and there’s just no hiding it, no matter how hard you might try ;)

Just think about it for a second, you can usually sense when someone is having an off day, before they say a single word to you, can’t you? And even if they tell you that everything is “fine,” you just KNOW that something is up… their light is just a little less bright for whatever reason, and you can tell.

Getting back on track here, VERY long story short, my life is NOT perfect, nor am I, and I would never claim it, but I do LOVE and CHERISH every single second that I am given on this beautiful planet of ours, because I CHOOSE TO!

One of my very favorite gifts of all time was given to me by a good friend many years ago. It was just a little magnet, but it carries a BIG message:

“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” –Unknown

That small, and oh so thoughtful gift, created a major shift in me that day. It made a dramatic impact on my life, in the most positive way possible, and quite frankly, I’ve had an entirely different outlook ever since. It was that very day that I realized that it all came down to choice.

I could choose to be at peace.

I could choose to be calm.

I could choose to happy, no matter what was going on around me.

So today?

I choose to be calm among the chaos.

I choose to see the light in the darkest of situations.

I choose to keep moving forward through the fire, as everything is seemingly burning down around me, because I know in my heart that everything is always working out for my highest good (yes, even if I can’t see any good in it whatsoever when it’s happening).

When you finally realize that EVERYTHING is always perfect (and I mean ALL of it), you can finally release, fully relinquishing control, and ALLOW for your best, your ideal, your dare I say “perfect” (for you at least) life to unfold before your very eyes.

And unfold it will… that much I can guarantee you, so be ready for it!

When you make the CHOICE to shift your energy to a higher level, when you CHOOSE to vibrate at the frequency of love or above, and when you make the CONSCIOUS DECISION to do so daily? It eventually becomes habit. Consistency is KEY to making the internal changes, that bring external results (in any and ALL aspects of your life, by the way… your body, career, relationships, you name it).

But be forewarned…

If you’re not careful, pretty soon you’ll be the most positive, happy, uplifting person in your circle, and then be ready for it! Someone is bound to eventually say to you, “You don’t understand… you’re ALWAYS in a good place!” ;)

If you need a little help in getting centered, plugging-in and truly vibrating at an energy level of LOVE or ABOVE, click right here. And if you need my assistance at a higher level, just email, and I’ll provide you with the details of working with me as your personal coach.