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May 20

Soul Me

By Joy Perugini | Real and Raw

Conceptual hand writing showing Body Spirit Soul Me. Business photo text Personal Balance Therapy Conciousness state of mind.Stuck.

Stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck, and more stuck.

Locked down and blocked… physically, mentally, emotionally. For the better part of two years. And then?

A global pandemic.

I mean sure, why not?

What better way for The Universe, God in all of Her glory, to jar me awake (along with the rest of the free world)? In one fell swoop, She tilted the planet on its axis, sent all of humanity to their rooms, and began to heal Momma Earth of century-old wounds inflicted upon her at the hand of mankind.

A time for all beings to slow their roll.

A time for rebalancing.

A time for calibration.

A time for reflection.

A time for a full, all-encompassing collective exhale.

A time of global. pause.

I haven’t felt the pull, the actual desire, to really write in a long, long time… again, for the better part of two years. So just the fact that you’re reading these words right now, and in the form of a blog nonetheless, is huge. And it wouldn’t have happened had we not been reprimanded, scolded like naughty little children not heeding the warnings of their elders, by The Universe at large. We have been naughty, so very naughty (downright obnoxious, if we’re being honest about it) and we needed to be put in our place, in order for the world we know to continue to exist. A bit different, but a world still very much alive.

It’s so clear to see now (hindsight is always 20/20) that we couldn’t have gone on the way we were for much longer. We were destroying our only home. Pachamama and her wildlife dying a slow, arduous death. Something had to change fast, and the masses had their blinders on tight, so The Powers That Be did the only thing they could do, and fast! They shut us down.


If a global pandemic isn’t an obvious sign that it’s time for us all to reconsider our place in this world, than I don’t know what is. This whole thing has taken me aback in several ways, but none bigger than forcing me to stop and consider if I am truly living my dharma, my purpose, following the passion and drive of my heart. And I got my answer…


So, here we are.

An artist once again sharing her art with the world. A dancer dancing. A writer writing. A healer healing. An Earth Angel reconnecting to Source Energy and ready to serve.

(Full disclosure, I have absolutely no fucking clue what I’m doing, but I am here to serve. I’m here to help. I’m here to shine. my. light.)

I’ve done the inner work that was necessary to get me to this point, but that inner work isn’t over, nor will it ever be. With each level of “enlightenment” that you reach? The next level presents itself. It’s never-ending, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. How boring would our existence be if the contrast didn’t show up? If the challenges of life didn’t get up in your face and say, “What now, bitch?!”


No fun at all.

The truth is, we thrive off of the dramas of life. Although they take us out of our comfort zones, we are charged up by having a mission. Our engines fired back up by Fight or Flight mode. The contrasts of life drive us towards what’s next, what’s MORE. Opposition serves as a launch pad for our desires to take flight. ­It serves us in so many ways, if we can only pull ourselves out of the swirling, whirling tailspin we typically go into when contrast strikes, level our wings back out and see the gift of clarity we’ve just been given, for in the contrast we know what we don’t want, and in knowing what we don’t want, we know what we DO want.

So, next time the shit hits the fan of your life, don’t succumb to the story. Don’t get sucked in by the black hole of what’s in front of you. Instead, see it through your real eyes… the eyes of your Inner Being… the eyes of Source. “Realize” the TRUTH through those “real eyes” (see what I did there?), and look beyond “what is” to see “what’s more”. There is so, so much more to come. Every desire of your heart can, and will be yours, once you learn to use those REAL eyes of yours. Seeing clearly for likely the first time since your childhood, before the world taught you to close those real eyes lest you be ostracized. There’s so much vibrant beauty all around. So many reasons to feel at peace and at ease. No matter what your bank account reads, or your relationship status is, or any of the current circumstances of your life may be that aren’t serving you now, they are only the remnants of past vibration. To create “what’s more”, you need only to raise your vibe. If you keep focusing on what is, you will keep getting more of what is. But as soon as you shift your focus, visualizing what it is you DO want, your vibration shifts and you’ve begun creating the life that has always been within you. The life within your heart. The life of your soul.