Beach Babe Bikini Body Camp


Whether you’re 25 or 105, you have the right to feel sexy and confident in anything you choose to wear … even a bikini (gasp)!

Spend just 4 weeks with me, learning the very tactics I use to get myself beach-ready, and I’ll take you from feeling like a beached whale to rockin’ the sand like the BEACH BABE you truly are!

Are you not totally loving what you see in the mirror at the moment? Are you feeling like less than your ultimate self, and dreading the thought of having to put on a bathing suit this summer, or for an upcoming beach vacation? Well then, it’s time to make a change! I will provide you with a complete system that offers the exact steps you need, if you’re finally ready to give up the love/hate relationship with your body and seemingly never-ending battle with your weight. You’ll gain access to an arsenal of weight loss “secret weapons” tried, tested and approved over my 23 years of experience in health and fitness, along with my inexhaustible passion, drive and determination to help you create your dream bod!

Just little ol’ me rockin’ it out on the CT shoreline in my bikini bod! You’ll be happily surprised to learn how easily you can do it too!!!


If you’ve been literally working your ass off trying to earn your dream body by eating clean and training mean, BUT despite all of the hard work you’re putting in, your body still isn’t bikini worthy by your standards and your confidence is in the dumps, then this camp is for you. If you’re sick and tired of fad dieting and trying every newfangled fitness program and weight loss supplement that comes down the pike, then this camp is DEFINITELY for you. Annnnnd, if you’ve had ENOUGH, you’re FRUSTRATED and TIRED of failed attempts at weight loss, and you’re ready to GIVE UP ON IT ALL, then you have found your new best friend for the next four weeks ;)

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Join now to save $100 with the EARLY BIRD RATE! Program begins Monday, 06/27/16!!!

Trust me, I’ve been there. I couldn’t help myself from wondering at one point, if maybe this was just the way my body naturally wanted to be … maybe I should just learn to embrace my rounder figure, love handles and all. It took me many years, and many failed attempts at lasting weight loss to figure out that exercise alone wasn’t the answer to getting my ideal body, and that depriving my body of the vital nutrients it needed by calorie counting and cutting, wasn’t the way to achieve fat loss either. Instead, I finally realized how easy it could be to implement simple, realistic and sustainable lifestyle changes that soon became second nature to me.

You’d be hard pressed to try and find a more comprehensive, results-focused program than this one. This camp is a beacon shining bright in an vast sea of bullshit that the rest of the fitness/weight loss/body transformation industry is spreading. If you follow the path I lay before you, take the necessary steps, and do the work,  you WILL create your best bikini body ever! 

Click the button below and be beach-ready in just FOUR short weeks!!!

Join now to save $100 with the EARLY BIRD RATE! Program begins Monday, 06/27/16!!!

We’ll be talking a healthy balance of nutrition to fuel your body, effective workouts, and healthy weight loss tips for you to take forward into your life, even after camp lets out. My programs are known for creating lasting lifestyle changes, and long-term body transformation. During camp, you can expect to hear from me several times per week. I’ll be waiting in your inbox, ready to guide and motivate through our journey, and we’ll have weekly meetings with LIVE Q&A, so you can get all of your questions and concerns addressed along the way. With clear, practical action steps to take each week, you’ll make small changes that will make a BIG impact . Our time together will shift you slightly each week, taking you step by step closer to your ideal body and ultimate health. Much of the content will be nutrition and fitness based, but it will also include important  mindset  work. We’ll be going head on with common challenges surrounding self-sabotage, like emotional eating and resistance to doing the things you know you damn well need to do to better your health (and life in general), but continue to avoid.

If you’re ready to commit to being a BEACH BABE this summer, and having the BIKINI BODY you’ve always longed for, then register now!

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Join now to save $100 with the EARLY BIRD RATE! Program begins Monday, 06/27/16!!!


“Joy is an enthusiastic, encouraging leader with a contagious positive spirit. She helps her clients identify, achieve, and maintain their fitness goals. Joy has enriched my life, in and out of class. I wish I could take her everywhere I go!” -Nicole, New York, NY


“Thank you, Joy, for teaching me to love myself to the core and inspiring me to become the healthy fitness queen I am today.” -Morgan, Berkeley, CA