Fitness Boot Camp


Often imitated, never duplicated! The area’s original Fitness Boot Camp is back and better than ever!!!

This unique military-style interval training program has been featured in the Hartford Courant, and promises to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and confidence! Your “Drill Sergeant,” none other than the Empress of Fitness (li’l ol’ me!), Joy Perugini, will guide you through safe, effective indoor and sometimes (weather permitting) outdoor functional workouts to help you reveal a stronger, healthier, more fit you in just 40 DAYS! 

“Fitness Boot Camp was extremely helpful and I have found that I am in much better shape for taking it!”- Jeff C., age 41

We’re talking 6 weeks of my signature “in-your-face encouragement,” 3 days per week from 6:00 – 7:00 AM (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), PLUS a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where you can reach me even on days we’re not meeting in person! It all begins on Monday, 09/09/19!!!

With a variety of ass-whooping workouts designed for ALL LEVELS (as always, modifications will be shown for anyone with preexisting conditions), nutritional guidance, health coaching (and let’s get real here… plenty of life coaching too when necessary!), THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!!!

“I’m what you would call a ‘workout snob’ and that is because I have been spoiled after having Joy as a trainer. Her energetic instruction and expert pairings are unmatched. I’ve tried other trainers and other classes, they simply don’t measure up. No other workout makes me feel quite as challenged,” -Taylor L., age 31, former college basketball player, Pace University

Okay, so let’s talk cost.

With full access to me for coaching for FORTY FULL DAYS, plus THREE in-person functional training workouts per week, I could easily charge over $1,000 for this camp… shit prolly more like two grand, but I’m not.

Nope, this six-week full body, mind, spirit intensive is only going to be $597… why?

Because. I. can.

I want to make this as accessible to as many of you as possible, because I know how many of you need this kick-in-the-ass right now, especially after all of those lazy days of summer ;) And I also know that sometimes it can be the financial commitment that can make or break your physical, mental and emotional commitment to camp. So, I’m gonna take this one step further to make it an easy HELL YES for you, if money is a thang… anyone in need of an installment plan to break up the payment can simply email me directly at to set up a plan that works for their INDIVIDUAL needs.

“When I first started Joy’s Fitness Boot Camp years ago, my husband would complain about me getting up early and the cost. Now, he encourages me to do it as much as possible because 1) the endorphins make me happy and give me more energy, and 2) my booty is firmer! Not to mention, I lost the elusive 15 pounds and keep it off, AND I can now do a 5 minute and 34 second plank ;) Joy’s boot camp ROCKS!” – Lisa G., age 59

Our next session of Camp begins on Monday, 09/09/19… Don’t delay, REGISTER TODAY (space is limited)!!!!

“In my 40’s it was easy to workout and stay fit. In my 60’s, not so easy. However, after several months of two a week and three a week sessions with Joy, I FEEL AMAZING! Joy has a great workout planned each session and we NEVER get bored. Not enough time to be bored in a “Joy class”. I truly appreciate Joy’s fitness and nutritional knowledge and effort to push each of us to greater overall fitness health. Like the little red engine that thought it could, you can when you’re with Joy P.” -Andrew M., age 67

If you’re ready to drastically change your body, mind and spirit in just 6 short weeks, then sign up today… JoyFit Nation’s Fitness Boot Camp can get you there! It has been called a “transformational” experience time and time again. Let fitness challenges (for all levels), nutritional guidance, and the camaraderie of the group transform you to “be all that you can be!” With plenty of in-your-face encouragement, you’re sure to reach your highest potential. 

“I will always take Joy’s classes and boot camps. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly Joy fosters a warm and welcoming environment. Positive energy abounds. Your classmates become your teammates become your friends… encouraging each other as we go. So, no matter where it is, or what time it is, I will be there.♥” – Patty L.

Join us this session and be prepared to become a WHOLE NEW YOU! The camp runs for 6 weeks, 09/09/19 – 10/18/19. Recruits will meet 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) from 6:00 – 7:00 AM for the duration of camp.

Don’t delay! Register NOW to  secure your spot… SPACE IS LIMITED!!! 

“I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and signed up for Joy’s classes nearly 3 years ago. Zumba, yoga, HIIT classes, Fitness Boot Camp and Goddess Retreats, to name a few. Her positive attitude is contagious and the energy in the room is always amazing. I have participated in many rounds of camp and every time it is a wonderful experience with a group of people I consider friends. Thank you, Joy!” -Donna C., age 50

Our next session of Camp begins on Monday, 09/09/19… Don’t delay, REGISTER TODAY (space is limited)!!!!

“Joy is an enthusiastic, encouraging leader with a contagious positive spirit. She helps her clients identify, achieve, and maintain their fitness goals. Joy has enriched my life, in and out of class. I wish I could take her everywhere I go!” -Nicole, New York, NY


“Thank you, Joy, for teaching me to love myself to the core and inspiring me to become the healthy fitness queen I am today.” -Morgan, Berkeley, CA