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Holy WOW! This company has completely BLOWN ME AWAY with their all-natural/organic, convenience superfoods nutrition. In fact, most of the ingredients EXCEED organic standards! The nutrition systems offer solutions for weight loss, energy, performance, and healthy aging. These products have ROCKED MY WORLD by improving my performance in ALL of my daily activities!!! 
My go-to company for all things mind, body and spirit! Young Living’s seed to seal process produces “beyond organic” products infused with the purest essential oils. Their delicately grown, harvested and distilled oils have added immense value to my life in and of themselves (I carry them on me at all times and infuse them in my home daily), but the products they are infused in have proved just as imperative to my well-being. Their nutritional supplements have a far superior delivery rate than I have EVER seen in my 23 years in the Health/Fitness Industry, supporting and nourishing your body from the inside out. Their skincare and body care lines are beautifully balanced with gentle oils to nurture your body’s specific needs from head to toe, and their home care line is infused with powerful oils to keep your environment fresh, clean and chemical-free.
Moxxor is an incredible blend of super antioxidants and the most potent Omega-3 known to man, that took away my 5 years worth of chronic knee pain in 3 days. It also had me sleeping through the night within a week, my hair and nails growing long and strong, and I lost 5 pounds in the first month. It is an insanely effective anti-inflammatory! I’m not saying it works that fast for everyone, but if you give it at least 90 days to work its magic, chances are you’ll notice difference somewhere in your bod ;) I will continue to take this supplement until the day I die.