Oct 30

diamondLet’s get clear on a few things, shall we?

And when I say clear, I mean CRYSTAL clear.

Like a perfectly round, classic cut diamond with no inclusions.

It’s time to lift the fog, the veil from your eyes, and harness your true power. The only way to effectively do this is to get clear. Very, very, VERY clear. On what you DESIRE. On what you CHOOSE to bring into your life (and you do choose it all, you know… the good, the bad and the ugly).

Your world is about to SHIFT. It’s going to change in every possible way, and in the most POSITIVE way, should you allow for it, but first?





You must DECIDE what it is that you truly WANT!!!

And until you do? Nothing will change. Nothing will shift. Nothing will ever get any better.

There’s work to be done on an internal level, if you want to see your heart’s truest desires come to fruition in your outer world. And honestly, it’s not hard work. Nope, not at ALL. But, it does take a little bit of effort and whole lot of consistency. And, of course, you MUST. GET. CLEAR. And it also helps to know what you’re doing ;)

Ya know, like HOW to get clear?

Yep. That helps a lot.

So just how exactly do we accomplish this task of getting clear? It’s actually a fairly simple process, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. It all starts with getting quiet, and facing your true self. You need to look YOU dead in the eye and call yourself out. For being afraid. For being a fake. For playing small. And quite possibly for being an ass.

You have to be willing to stand up to your ego and show it who’s boss.

Your ego will tell you that you’re not good enough, that you don’t have time, that it’s too late, that nobody will like you if you get what you want (by the way, if that does happen, that one is all about THEM, not you… it’s just their insecurity surfacing), that you’re not talented enough, and that you’re not worthy.

But I’m here to assure you that you are SO worthy of EVERYTHING your little heart desires. And should you lose a few stragglers along the way? So be it. They likely don’t belong on your team anyway, and DREAMS NEED TEAMS, baby!

There’s certainly a process, a system if you will, to getting clear and making all that you desire materialize. It takes time, and a lot more explanation than I can give here, but this will give you a good start nonetheless.

Begin by getting quiet and alone in a safe, relaxing space. Take at least ten nice, deep, cleansing breaths. Close your eyes and focus on releasing your fears and doubts with each exhale (inhale peace, exhale any and all regrets). Imagine yourself at your truest, your happiest, your LIGHTEST and BRIGHTEST!

And then?

Get out some paper and something you love to write with (pen, pencil, sparkly crayon, whatever feels right!), and ask yourself…

What do I really want?

And then write. that. shit. down.

C’mon, you knew it was coming ;)

This is where the real work begins, and you MUST DO THE WORK, if you ever want anything to change.  And you need to OWN it. Period.

No matter what you desire (more happiness, love, health, wealth, fun, quality relationships, fame, fortune, WHATEVER), you must begin by getting very CLEAR and SPECIFIC about what your desire actually IS, and then know (without an ounce of doubt!) that it’s coming. And just to be clear (while we’re on the topic of clarity), you don’t need to just pick ONE of your heart’s desires…


And all at the same time too!!!

You just have to BELIEVE you can have it all, wholeheartedly! That whole, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” thing is complete crap! Someone with a less than enlightened mind decided that statement was true, and for them it likely WAS true! I guarantee you it became their reality, because they believed it… you can see how dangerously cyclical this can become (and fast!), and why it’s IMPERATIVE that you keep your mindset positive, and not let those nasty, negative thoughts sneak in.

Now, don’t start panicking on me or anything, okay? The good news is that your POSITIVE thoughts are hundreds of times more powerful than your negative ones, and you can cancel, clear, delete negative thoughts just by reframing them into the positive.

And then, there’s expectation. What are you expecting? Because if you’re writing and speaking all of these positive mantras and affirmations of an abundant life, but then continue to EXPECT the things you don’t want (like bills you can’t pay, or people not to support you, or your health to deteriorate), then you pretty much just flushed all of your positive efforts down the toilet.

Please, please, pleeeeease, for the love of all that is good in the world, EXPECT the arrival of your hearts truest desires, expect your DREAMS to become your reality, expect your GOOD, just as surely as you expect to wake up every time you fall asleep.

All you really need to do is to keep feeding your subconscious mind with positive, uplifting fuel (you can stick around here for more of that, by the way!), and you may very well need to get clear in some other respects as well (like cleansing your body, home, relationships, etc.).  Clearing, cleansing, detoxing, however you want to say it, all boils down to the same starting block… you getting in touch with YOU and deciding to DO.THE. WORK.

If you ever want things to change, you have to put in the effort, and that can be scary, but everything you desire is on the other side of your fear… that much I can promise you.  I was once told that you have to spend money to make money (it was right before I invested over $85,000 into my first fitness studio), and that’s actually a fairly true assessment… you have to make the investment of energy, and money is just a form of energy, in order to bring your dreams into reality (that’s why tithing is such a powerful practice). You have to truly BELIEVE in those dreams though, and more importantly, believe in yourself.

I’m always here to infuse love and light into your world and to instill FAITH in you of your ability to make your dreams your reality, but to do so, you need to get uncomfortable. And then you need to get comfortable in your discomfort. This is the only way we can UPLEVEL and create a new normal in our lives.

So here’s the deal. There’s a rare opportunity available right now (that won’t come around again until next year), but it’s not for everyone… in fact, at the moment, it’s only for TWO of you beautiful people out there.  It takes you putting an investment of faith, time, effort and money into becoming the YOU that you truly KNOW you are meant to be. It means getting CRYSTAL CLEAR on what you really want. It means making NO EXCUSES. And it means me giving you my signature “in-your-face encouragement” all along the way. You’ll gain FULL ACCESS to me and my arsenal of knowledge, intuitive insight and pure MAGIC on the daily for a full NINETY DAYS (that’s THREE MONTHS)! You can click right here to check out the details… I look forward to working with you.


About the Author

Joy M. Perugini is an Shaman, Energy Healer, Intuitive and Entrepreneur. She finds her passion in helping others connect to their soul-led lives through energetic healing and clearing, chakra balancing, mindful movement (dance, yoga and functional fitness classes), guided meditations and intuitive readings. Her twenty-seven years of diverse experience in the health and wellness industry include establishments throughout the continental United States and Hawaii. Her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science with a concentration in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, provides a strong knowledge-base to her work. Joy started as a student athletic trainer at Eastern College in Pennsylvania and interned at a physical therapy center treating sports related injuries. During a two-year residency on Maui, Hawaii, Joy served as the Lead Fitness Trainer at the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa, rated the #1 Resort Spa in the World by Conde Nast Magazine. Joy’s tenure there increased her knowledge of the spa industry and importance of customer care. Joy was born and raised in West Hartford, CT and returned there as an in-home personal trainer, helping many clients achieve their wellness goals. She later managed a health and fitness center for a major international corporation based in Hartford, CT. Feeding her entrepreneurial spirit, Joy opened a boutique group exercise and personal training studio located in Plainville, CT, in June 2006. The studio offered customized training to individuals of all fitness levels and abilities, and housed a distinctively friendly atmosphere in an industry known to intimidate many. While still running the day to day activities at the studio, in 2014 Joy decided to expand her reach and spread her love of life, fitness, health and wellness far and wide by forming her web-based company, JoyFit Nation, LLC. Today, Joy spreads insight and inspiration by sharing her message online and in person via her signature programs, retreats, workshops and private sessions.

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