On Being ME

By Joy Perugini | Mindset Mania

Mar 22

0018__Joy-fitI often get mistaken for a person who has no troubles… no concerns… no drama in my life.

I’m talking like some of my very closest, BEST friends in the whole wide world who have literally said to me at one point or another, “Joy, you don’t understand… you’re always in a good place!”



And my reply to these gross overestimations?

“You’re fucking kidding me, right??? How long have you known me?!”

Just because I CHOOSE to have a positive, uplifting, happy outlook… just because I CHOOSE to be as kind as humanly possible to everyone and everything around me (at least the majority of the time), most certainly does NOT mean I’m always at peace inside.

Again, I’m CHOOSING!

Every day, and in every way, I have to make the CHOICE to keep my chin up, or my crown slips, and I mean that quite literally… we ALL have our own crown to wear, and yes, some of us tuned-in people out there can actually SEE that crown atop your head! Call it what you like… your aura, your vibe, etc., it’s really all one and the same, and there’s just no hiding it, no matter how hard you might try ;)

Just think about it for a second, you can usually sense when someone is having an off day, before they say a single word to you, can’t you? And even if they tell you that everything is “fine,” you just KNOW that something is up… their light is just a little less bright for whatever reason, and you can tell.

Getting back on track here, VERY long story short, my life is NOT perfect, nor am I, and I would never claim it, but I do LOVE and CHERISH every single second that I am given on this beautiful planet of ours, because I CHOOSE TO!

One of my very favorite gifts of all time was given to me by a good friend many years ago. It was just a little magnet, but it carries a BIG message:

“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” –Unknown

That small, and oh so thoughtful gift, created a major shift in me that day. It made a dramatic impact on my life, in the most positive way possible, and quite frankly, I’ve had an entirely different outlook ever since. It was that very day that I realized that it all came down to choice.

I could choose to be at peace.

I could choose to be calm.

I could choose to happy, no matter what was going on around me.

So today?

I choose to be calm among the chaos.

I choose to see the light in the darkest of situations.

I choose to keep moving forward through the fire, as everything is seemingly burning down around me, because I know in my heart that everything is always working out for my highest good (yes, even if I can’t see any good in it whatsoever when it’s happening).

When you finally realize that EVERYTHING is always perfect (and I mean ALL of it), you can finally release, fully relinquishing control, and ALLOW for your best, your ideal, your dare I say “perfect” (for you at least) life to unfold before your very eyes.

And unfold it will… that much I can guarantee you, so be ready for it!

When you make the CHOICE to shift your energy to a higher level, when you CHOOSE to vibrate at the frequency of love or above, and when you make the CONSCIOUS DECISION to do so daily? It eventually becomes habit. Consistency is KEY to making the internal changes, that bring external results (in any and ALL aspects of your life, by the way… your body, career, relationships, you name it).

But be forewarned…

If you’re not careful, pretty soon you’ll be the most positive, happy, uplifting person in your circle, and then be ready for it! Someone is bound to eventually say to you, “You don’t understand… you’re ALWAYS in a good place!” ;)

If you need a little help in getting centered, plugging-in and truly vibrating at an energy level of LOVE or ABOVE, click right here. And if you need my assistance at a higher level, just email joy@joyfitnation.com, and I’ll provide you with the details of working with me as your personal coach.


About the Author

Joy M. Perugini is an Shaman, Energy Healer, Intuitive and Entrepreneur. She finds her passion in helping others connect to their soul-led lives through energetic healing and clearing, chakra balancing, mindful movement (dance, yoga and functional fitness classes), guided meditations and intuitive readings. Her twenty-seven years of diverse experience in the health and wellness industry include establishments throughout the continental United States and Hawaii. Her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science with a concentration in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, provides a strong knowledge-base to her work. Joy started as a student athletic trainer at Eastern College in Pennsylvania and interned at a physical therapy center treating sports related injuries. During a two-year residency on Maui, Hawaii, Joy served as the Lead Fitness Trainer at the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa, rated the #1 Resort Spa in the World by Conde Nast Magazine. Joy’s tenure there increased her knowledge of the spa industry and importance of customer care. Joy was born and raised in West Hartford, CT and returned there as an in-home personal trainer, helping many clients achieve their wellness goals. She later managed a health and fitness center for a major international corporation based in Hartford, CT. Feeding her entrepreneurial spirit, Joy opened a boutique group exercise and personal training studio located in Plainville, CT, in June 2006. The studio offered customized training to individuals of all fitness levels and abilities, and housed a distinctively friendly atmosphere in an industry known to intimidate many. While still running the day to day activities at the studio, in 2014 Joy decided to expand her reach and spread her love of life, fitness, health and wellness far and wide by forming her web-based company, JoyFit Nation, LLC. Today, Joy spreads insight and inspiration by sharing her message online and in person via her signature programs, retreats, workshops and private sessions.

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