7-Day Detox


Completely reset your system in just ONE week?!


Having a little too much “food fun” this winter? Let’s be honest here… we all want to start out looking our best when warmer weather rolls around, and it’ll be here before we know it! I don’t know about you, but even I’m in need of some SERIOUS detoxing to get my body in check and my head on straight ;)

Eat real food!


Get ready to reap the rewards of a healthier, happier, cleaner, more FIT body to enjoy the warm weather in, by taking part in this simple, yet oh so effective, cleanse. We all love the idea of having a “clean” body, boosting our metabolism and getting a fresh start, but most commercial cleanses tout an unhealthy formula of starvation tactics along with some foul-tasting powder or potion (no thank you)! Lucky for us, there is a safe and healthy way to cleanse.

I (Joy!) will personally guide you through a healthy, effective way to rid the body of toxins via a safe, gentle cleanse, without any starvation tactics, or powders or potions to drink … promise! I’m proud to offer you a detoxifying program where you can actually eat real food (go figure), hydrate that beautiful bod of yours (opposed to the dehydrating effects of most other cleanses), flush toxins from the body, rev up your metabolism and yes, even drop weight! Your body has the power to detox all on its own (that’s why you have a digestive system, liver, and kidneys). We’re just going to get it primed and ready to do so without using any expensive, crazy concoctions. In fact, with this seven day cleanse we will follow a very simple, realistic plan, and everything needed is likely already in your kitchen!

Detox your beautiful bod!


The program will provide you with everything you need to feel lean, mean and clean just in time to wear more skin-baring clothes! What you will absolutely love about it, is how simple the steps actually are, and how easy it really is to become exceptionally healthy and well when you have the right plan of attack!

We will meet online via Livestream in our Private Facebook Group from wherever you are in the world, on three occasions for approximately one hour each (meeting dates to to be announced soon). Cleansing will commence on the following Monday morning, so that you will have a few of days to prepare after our first meeting. Take part in this life-changing week, and feel better than you have in years!

This cleanse will give you the jump start and reset your body needs to start burning fat for fuel, so when spring and summer roll around, you’ll be feeling confident and READY to ROCK!

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Whether you’re looking to refresh your body and start from a clean slate (think flat belly, revved up metabolism, glowing skin, and bright shiny eyes), or are more motivated by the idea of kick-starting your weight-loss efforts, you’re in for a total re-boot from the inside out!

A simple, realistic plan.


During the program, you can expect to hear from me several times. I’ll be waiting in your inbox and online, ready to guide and motivate on your cleanse journey. With clear, practical action steps to take, you’ll know what to do and how to do it. 

You heard me right… a healthy, clean body is just SEVEN DAYS away, and I’m BEYOND ready… are you?

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Stay tuned for dates being announced soon!

“Joy is an enthusiastic, encouraging leader with a contagious positive spirit. She helps her clients identify, achieve, and maintain their fitness goals. Joy has enriched my life, in and out of class. I wish I could take her everywhere I go!” -Nicole, New York, NY


“Thank you, Joy, for teaching me to love myself to the core and inspiring me to become the healthy fitness queen I am today.” -Morgan, Berkeley, CA