The B.I.G. Life (Bold. Infamous. Girl.)


That’s it. I’m done pussyfooting around, ladies! I’m ready to share with you what I’ve really been up to … I’m talking on a SOUL level to UP-LEVEL my life to a place where I am now truly HAPPY, HEALTHY and FREE, and able to let ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY flow to me easily and effortlessly. Today, I use my innate talents to do what I was put on this planet to do, live my life’s TRUE PURPOSE, and allow my LIGHT TO SHINE!

As a little girl, I had BIG dreams, and today, I can proudly say that I’m finally living life as the Bold, Infamous Girl I ALWAYS wanted to be, and SO CAN YOU!!!


Now, I realize that the word “infamous” has several different meanings, some of which don’t have the greatest connotations, but for our purposes, “infamous” has the VERY BEST connotation possible! It means becoming OUTRAGEOUSLY FAMOUS for being our BEAUTIFUL SELVES! Shockingly fabulous in every way, every day … ready to ROCK the world and turn it on its axis with our TRUE LIFE’S PURPOSE!!!

But what if you don’t know what you’re life’s purpose is yet?

Well, we’re going to figure it out … you and me … together.

I have a knack for helping people identify their gifts, set intentions, take inspired action, and MANIFEST their dream life … NOW! Because, if we’re being honest here, life is just too fucking short to be doing ANYTHING that doesn’t make you happy, fulfilled, at peace, and PROSPEROUS in every way, shape and form.

So here’s how it’s gonna go down …

You’ll have EIGHT FULL WEEKS with me by your side to guide, motivate, inspire and help you TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE into what you KNOW it’s truly MEANT to be and start DOING what you KNOW you’re truly meant to be doing with it.


Each week will bring a new module of the program … busting through your blocks, smashing your inner-critic, and facing your fears head on … TOGETHER.

We’ll build week to week, in a layering fashion, making the life you’ve been dreaming of your REALITY. As a special bonus, I am offering FREE Discovery Calls to the first THREE girlies who register (a $997 value). I have the utmost respect for those who act quickly with intent, and love to reward them whenever I can! On our call, we’ll chat about your individual needs, get your personal challenges sorted, and sift through and prioritize your intentions.

Over our eight weeks together as a group, I’ll show you how to tap into your inner guidance system (we all have one, you know) and take INSPIRED DAILY ACTION to move you towards your each and every desire, no matter how big (or small) it may be.

You can BE IT ALL …

You can HAVE IT ALL!









The ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you TRULY want from this life. It is ALL within reach, and it’s SO MUCH closer than you realize.

Click here to register for our session starting 09/07/15 and pay in full, or see below for links to payment plans.

Click here to make two equal payments on the 2-Payment Installment Plan.

Click here to make four equal payments on the 4-Payment Installment Plan.

So the question is …

Are you ready?

And do you think you can actually live the life that you dream of?

Because, I can assure you of one thing … if you think you can, YOU WILL!

And if you think you can’t?

Well then, you’re absolutely fucking right.

If you think you can’t do this, that it’s not possible to start living the dream that you hold deep within your heart, then I can promise you that you won’t ever see one damn little thing that your heart desires.


BUT (and that’s a BIG but), if you think you CAN?! Oh, will you EVER!

You will reach each and every goal you set your sights on, and then so very much MORE! And I have made it my life’s work (because it is my life’s true calling), to help YOU get to that place in your life, that you so truly deserve to be. That place of total alignment, where everything just clicks into place and you become the YOU that you are MEANT to be!

As I’m sure that you can tell by now, this program isn’t for everyone … it’s not meant to be.

And in all honesty, it may not be for you.

This is for a small, select group of women who are ready to go ALL IN.

Women who can hear the calling of their heart, even if at the moment it’s nothing but a whisper.

My programs typically get twenty-five to fifty participants, but because I want this program to truly be a life-altering experience for each and every one of its participants, I am limiting the group to just TEN beautiful, BOLD. INFAMOUS. GIRLS.

If you’re ready to finally make an investment in yourSELF, your FUTURE, and your LIFE, than this is opportunity knocking. Will you open the door to your dream life, or stay crouched in the corner afraid to see what’s on the other side of the door?

If you’re ready to take that leap of faith and get ready to SOAR, than I’m ready to fly right alongside you.

Click here to register for our session starting 09/07/15 and pay in full, or see below for links to payment plans.

Click here to make two equal payments on the 2-Payment Installment Plan.

Click here to make four equal payments on the 4-Payment Installment Plan.


“Joy is an enthusiastic, encouraging leader with a contagious positive spirit. She helps her clients identify, achieve, and maintain their fitness goals. Joy has enriched my life, in and out of class. I wish I could take her everywhere I go!” -Nicole, New York, NY


“Thank you, Joy, for teaching me to love myself to the core and inspiring me to become the healthy fitness queen I am today.” -Morgan, Berkeley, CA