Total Body Takeover


You’ve heard of a makeover … well, this is a TAKEOVER! 

Tackle the real, underlying issues standing in the way of the ideal you. Take back that beautiful body of yours, and finally be truly happy with it.

I remember telling a good friend of mine several years back, that I didn’t know whose ass that was I saw in the mirror that morning, but it most certainly was NOT mine!!! I guess that was the real tipping point for me (not to mention the scale). Yup, I’m a real person just like you. And although I haven’t got it all  figured out just yet, I think I’ve got most of it on lock now ;) I’m ready to share my knowledge with the world … my trade secrets, if you will … and after twenty-two years of diverse experience in the fitness industry, you better believe I have a LOT to share. I’m gonna blow the lid off all of the bullshit the traditional personal trainer, nutritionist and health coach might feed you, and I’m going to (God forbid) tell you the truth. Why? Because you deserve to know what it really takes to create your ideal body. Because you deserve to be the very best “you” that you can be. And because you deserve to rock any outfit you choose!


Real connections.

We’ll spend six weeks together, getting to know one another, connecting as a community, and becoming better versions of ourselves. Yes, me included! There has never been a program that I’ve run, that I haven’t taken something life-altering away from it myself. As much as I will challenge you, you will in turn challenge me. Accountability is key in reaching any goal, and believe you me, there will be plenty of in your face encouragement throughout our time together.


Real results.

Meet Brie from Plainville, CT (now THAT’S a before and after)! Although always beautiful, Brie said, “I was overweight, unhealthy, and dissatisfied. I was rarely active and had a dangerous relationship with food. I no longer feel like that same person.” Through the healthy, lasting lifestyle changes Brie made with Joy’s help, she now lives a healthier, happier life. And by the way, did we mention that she has dropped a total of 40 pounds and kept it off?!

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So, if  you have reached your tipping point, like I once did, this program is for you. If you’ve reached your goals before, but it’s time to get back on track and do it again (trust me I’ve been there too), this program is for you. And if you think you know everything there is to know about health and wellness (you’ve heard it all, seen it all, and got the T-shirt), but are still battling with your bod, then this program is most definitely for you. We’re talking total transformation here … body, mind, and spirit. We’re taking it to another level in Total Body Takeover, one far beyond where I’ve taken any program before. We will dig deep, shift mindsets, smash our inner critics to pieces, and nourish our beautiful bodies inside and out.

Real Joy.

Each week will bring a new module of the program, a new topic to tackle. We’ll build week upon week, in a layering fashion as we go along, to create lasting lifestyle changes, so not to overwhelm. As a special bonus, I will make myself personally available to the first six people who register, through a private one-on-one phone consultation (I have to hold strong to just six, because I can only accommodate one consult per week during the program). I have the utmost respect for those who act quickly with intent, and love to reward them whenever I can! On our call, we’ll chat about your needs, get your personal questions answered, and sift through and prioritize your goals.


Free. Your. Self.

Become a happier version of yourself for yourself … one that you can respect. We’re all about the happy in the JoyFit Nation, and to us, happy and free go hand in hand. Joy will help you to find yourself, be yourself, love yourself, and ultimately free yourself. Much more than just another weight loss program, Total Body Takeover will help you nourish yourself (inside and out), better manage stress, improve your energy, and become more aware of your body’s true needs.

Throughout my career, I’ve helped some of my clients lose up to one-hundred pounds … others forty, twenty, or even just that last frustrating ten. I’ve pretty much seen it all, and there hasn’t been one challenge that has presented through a client, that I wasn’t able to help them move past.

I’m ready for you. Are you ready for me?

Just click the button below to make a commitment to yourself.

One that will last a lifetime.

This program’s registration is currently closed.

“Joy is an enthusiastic, encouraging leader with a contagious positive spirit. She helps her clients identify, achieve, and maintain their fitness goals. Joy has enriched my life, in and out of class. I wish I could take her everywhere I go!” -Nicole, New York, NY


“Thank you, Joy, for teaching me to love myself to the core and inspiring me to become the healthy fitness queen I am today.” -Morgan, Berkeley, CA